What Type of Business Strategy Does Disney Use to Attract Customers to Its Theme Parks?

You may wonder what type of business strategy does Disney use to attract customers to its theme parks. The truth is that the Walt Disney Company uses four basic strategies to attract loyal customers to all of its parks. Keep reading to learn more.

4 Major Strategies Disney Uses to Attract Customers to its Theme Parks


Apart from the themes in Disneyland and Disney World, there’s nothing really special about the rides themselves. They have generic log flumes, tame roller coasters, perfectly ordinary carousels, and also off-the-shelf rides one could get at any other theme park. There are many other amusement parks which have more exciting and extreme rides. That’s where park themes come into play to set Disney apart.

Disneyland makes sure its cast members don’t go through Frontierland using costumes of the wrong theme. Disneyland also pumps out scents for different rides like that of brine for the “Pirates of the Caribbean,” a musty smell for the “Haunted Mansion,” and honey for Winnie-the-Pooh. The car parks are not called A, B, and C, but they have names from cartoons like “Toy Story,” “Pumba” and the Mickey and Friends parking structure.


Most times, some of the best costumers don’t show up for the rides themselves. They don’t come for the mechanics. This could be as a result of mild nausea and increased G-forces. They don’t help in inspiring that type of fanaticism. There are more than enough places around the corner that could give you all you desire from a theme park.

Instead, fans keep coming back because there are always more to see. The motto is “The Happiest Place on Earth” not “Lots of Rides.” And the interest of Disney is by making sure there are always new things to notice and enjoy about its parks.

It always has different magical things happening spontaneously. You could get a performance by Alice and the Mad Hatter or Mary Poppins at different times of the day.

Other business strategies like the Jungle Cruise are quite different at night. There are also magnificent nightly fireworks displays that make the parks unforgettable.

Everyone is a Princess

Almost all Disney movies are about a unique and special snowflake. And though there is a high amount of people trooping in and out of the gates of Disney daily, they treat all guests like they’re special.

Famously known to be considerate to guests with disabilities, from autism to claustrophobia or food allergies, Disney staff – including the princesses – are caring and try their best to make sure each guest feels unique all throughout their stay at the park.

Mine the Mythology

Disneyland is very loud when it tells its guests about its creator, Walt Disney. The park tells everyone how it was founded, and you could mine this knowledge as a guest. The story of the park is known all around the park, as well as the charming story of its founder.

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