What Two Main Ad Formats can be Used in a Google Display Ads Campaign?

Every business that wants to survive in today’s fast-paced world should consider making use of social media and internet tools. Gone are those days when ads were done only on TVs, radios, billboards and so on. Now, you have to consider what two main ads can be used in a Google display ads campaign.

You have to embrace the use of social media marketing. Are you on Facebook? Are you properly making use of the tools of Facebook? What about other social networks like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok and so on? It is no news that these social networks have different users, and some of them may be in your potential client’s list.

Before you head out to use social networks, you have to ask yourself if your target market is on that platform. It will be pointless for a company that sells teenage products to try and advertise on LinkedIn. How many teenagers use LinkedIn? You should consider using a social network that has a multitude of teens using it like Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and so on.

Have you decided to make use of Google ads, and you are wondering what two main ad formats can be used in a Google display ads campaign, you are in luck, as we have you covered. 

4 Things to Consider When Making a Google Display Ads Campaign

The Top Performing AdWords Banner Sizes

Based on what Google released, the following Adwords banner sizes have high-performance level and they are:

  • Medium Rectangle (300×250)
  • Large Rectangle (336×280)
  • Leaderboard (728×90)
  • Half Page (300×600)
  • Large Mobile Banner (320×100)

The Maximum Size Allowed By Google

If you have decided to create a Google Ad, you should consider not doing anyone that is above 150 KB in file size. If you do, Google won’t accept it. This is because it is larger and it will take a longer time before it loads.

It must be at most 150 KB. If you have decided to create the ad graphics yourself, it should be in the following formats: JPEG, SWF, PNG, or GIF formats. If you are using an expert, let them know this too.

Designing Your Ads

If you have decided to design your ads, there are a number of things that you should bear in mind. 

For instance, what hues will you be using? You want your ads to be noticed but not to be too loud. You should ensure that the color you use is in line with your brand image. Your ads should be created in such a way that they take the clicker to your website. Do not create ads that take people to a completely different site. It is annoying.  

Never Forget the Call to Action

Your ad should always have a call to action that tries to convince the user to click on the ad and make a purchase or carry out an action.

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