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One of the most key ways to make a project very successful is to make a framework plan that has clear aims and objectives, which is what a creative brief is all about. A creative brief serves as a blueprint that will make a project go smoothly from start to finish. It makes sure that the timeline, major stakeholders, purpose, and scope of the work are all collaborative in all those aspects. The creative brief is one of the main pieces of evidence that makes everybody should work to achieve the aim of the project. If a problem arises or the project starts getting confusing the creative brief will help to solve the issue by showing the main plan. 

Definition of a creative brief.

A creative brief can be defined as a small document or file that has the whole summary of the marketing, design project, goals and objectives, problems that arise in the projects, advertising, demographics displays, and some other things it entails. It is made by the creative project manager or a consultant. The main objective of the creative brief is to get the stakeholders’ approval before the project can begin. 

The first step to take is to present the creative brief to the stakeholders, there will be a discussion on the brief, if the brief is aligned to the company’s vision and mission, and find out the challenges and goals that come in the project. You must ensure that your creative brief has all the necessary details and information that is important to your company or your client. A creative brief must sound like something very simple but it is not known how to do it very well it can be very difficult to do, because a lot of information is being placed into a few pages, and sometimes unnecessary information shows up in the documents. The creative brief is normally found in eight sections and should be about one or two pages.

The content of a creative brief. 

The first thing should be the name of the project, next is the background of the company then it should state the objectives of the project, the audience you want to target, then you make a statement on the fellow competitors, then you state the key message and the benefits on the key consumer, select the type of attitude you want to use, then you write about the call to action on the project and end things up on talking about the distribution plan. When you are through you will then present it to the major stakeholders and see their ideas on it.

Types of a creative brief.

The type of creative brief depends on the role you are doing, the kind of team you are working with, and the kind of projects you are doing. The kinds of the creative brief are creative brief for marketing, creative brief for product design, creative brief for advertising. All these kinds of the creative brief can work more effectively than others.

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