Top Geico Car Insurance Commercials

One of the most powerful tools you can use for your business is advertisements. They can help any brand send a message, tell their story, and soon they connect in the most efficient, creative way to the targeted audience.

Geico has created a wonderful name for itself with more than 20 years of adverts that would forever last in our memories. The company became partners with the Martin Agency, which put this provider of insurance on the international map.

Top Geico Car Insurance Commercials

1.     Geico’s Gecko

Geico made everyone know its mascot. In the year 1999, using the Martin agency and since then, this has been one of the most notable and recognizable aspects of their adverts. Geico’s Gecko was voted America’s best ad icon back in the year 2005.

In the short ad, the Gecko himself made the audience understand the reasoning and why it is important to let an icon step up and serve customers after roping them in. It has been over two decades since gecko was created. A lot of people grew up listening and growing up to this icon.

2.     Caveman at the Airport

The company created other characters we all love and know. Keeping it simple using zany humor shows that insurance companies mustn’t be serious all the time.

This ad works because it lets you see an interesting character, it shows an unusual scene, a simple clear message with a lot of humor. It works because it has a catchy tagline, it is funny, it has a charismatic and memorable icon that would make you trust it, and it shows a caveman at the airport.

3.     Maxwell the Pig

Another one of Geico ‘s mascots is Maxwell the Pig. In this ad, no one questioned how ridiculous it was and how the situation turned out well at the end. This ad simply talked about the features of the app and categorized everything in a funny way that all viewers would remember.

This could be one of Geico’s funniest ads. It world because of the unusual scene, funny looking character, simple explanation of what the service is, great humor.

4.     Caleb the Hump Day Camel

One of Geico’s most popular ads to date is the Hump Day ad. This ad made the camel a celebrity. Among all ads, this wins because it continues to stand the test of time when compared to others. Like others, this remains funny and serves its objectives. It works because of the bizarre funny scenario, there’s an interesting character, and it tells the audience a simple clear message that ends with a simple one-liner. The humor in this ad always cracks up people every time.

Over the years, we have noticed that Geico makes it its job to give us ads that have themes and indigenous approaches, and they always tend to catch the eyes of the audience.

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