Top Funny Commercials Featuring Kids

Kids are one of the best people that used for commercials all around the world. These are several commercials around the world where kids have been involved and these companies have generated millions in Sales.

The main aim of this article is simple, we are going t show you the top funny commercials in the world that features kids. These commercials have gone ahead to make thousands and millions of sales for these companies.

Where do babies come from? (2013)

This is one of the most entertaining ads by Kia company. This ad features a father answering a question from his child about where babies come from. The commercial was created for Kia Motors and it made its debut in the year 2013. Overall, the advert made a lot of sales for Kia Sorento during this period. This commercial was one of the most viewed commercials in 2013. The tagline of the advert was you can ask anything. This was what made the company sell more during that time.

Trading Baby (2012).

Trading Baby is one of the most successful commercials In the past decade. In this commercial, the baby was seen to be advising a new dad who is worried about the state of his finances. The commercial was owned by e-trade and though it was short, it was one of the best.

When E-trade created their first commercial with the trading baby, they had a lot of hits that improved the way they do their business. In 2012, they decided to conduct their business differently by giving the Trading baby another role. This was one of their hit commercials as they recorded an all-time high in sales in 2012 and years after that.

House Rules (2010)

This is also another commercial that graced the limelight on the big screens. The commercial was produced in 2010 and a lot of people fell in love with the kind of products that they advertise. This is one of the most successful Doritos adverts that came out in the earlier 2010s. The adverts show a man coming into the house of his love, meeting her son for the first time.

After meeting the son, the little boy was furious and cautioned the man to stay away from his mother and his Doritos. Seeing and loving the reaction from the boy prompted a lot of people to buy the Doritos and get the best results. Doritos recorded an all-time high after purchasing these products.

Final Words.

Making adverts with kids seems like one of the easiest things to do. Trust me, it is very difficult. Most people have done a lot of successful adverts over the years and they have always gotten the best results. As a brand, having kids in your advert could help you capture attention in the best way and lead to longer-lasting results overtime. When you put all these things about advertising in place, you will always get the best and perfect result for your brand or company.

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