The Best American Coronavirus Ads

When our bodies try to battle coronavirus, one of the key fighters and the fighter with the harshest and hardest weapon is our immune system. Let’s think about this like the typical good guy bad guy thing. The typical superhero and villain thing. Our immune system is the superheroes while the virus is the villain. Our body is the entire world and it is up to our immune system to keep us guarded against the worst to come. At times our heroes can turn against us. This piece would talk about the best American Coronavirus Ads. 

How does these American Coronavirus Ads aid our Immune System react to this deadly disease known as coronavirus? 

Like every other virus known to man, not a lot is known about it. It is just a shell that circles some generic material and some few proteins available around it. Before this virus can get replicated, it needs a host which means it needs a living cell. After someone gets infected, this cell does exactly what the gurus tells it to do without having a chance to survive, the virus orders the cell to copy and paste this information on other cells around, gather them all, and release them all around. 

Just like what happens when bad guys attack a place, the superheroes are always watching, this way the immune system intervenes immediately using their killer cells, scavenger cells, and Granulocytes from the lymphatic system and the blood to stream in and fight off the virus with all its got. These are supported by a lot of proteins available in plasma which could act fast as sent messengers to aid in the fight against the virus. For easier understanding, these are like the armies of soldiers that help superheroes in their battle against evil. 

For some bacteria and viruses, normally our immune system is strong enough to handle whatever that has to offer. The only thing we would notice might be a cold or some slight fever. 

How does Our Immune System make us feel when it is in Battle? Think of how the world feels when it is under attack. Everywhere is just hot because there’s a battle going on. That’s how our body would feel too. This way, we physically know that something is wrong and we can either run to the hospital or contact our doctors or tell all the loved ones around us to stay far away as we either distance ourselves socially or try to get help. This way we know what’s happening is getting real. After a while, we could start coughing and finding it hard to breathe. The American Coronavirus Ads has shown us ways we can know that we might be positive about this novel disease. Most of these ads available do the same job. Simply telling us to be safe, to wash our hands, and remain socially distant for as long as we can.

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