Should You Use Targeted Ads?

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What are Targeted Ads?

Targeted adverts are ads that are given to you based on past internet searches, specific behaviour, and any preferences you may have shown interest in online. Advertisers can offer targeted ads by tracking your activity on the internet. Now, this is not as malicious as it sounds. They are not tracking your personal information, they are merely tracking the sites you frequent and the platforms you’re interested in. This helps advertisers know what you’re interested in to serve you more specific adverts that may be beneficial and be of interest to you.

How to Targeted Ads Work

Targeted advertising uses cookies which is a small file that holds memories of where you’ve been on the internet. Let’s illustrate how targeted advertising works with a scenario. If you went on the Masterclass website to search for a knitting course, you would get more adverts tailored towards knitting and other available Masterclass courses. The more often you click and interact with these targeted ads, the more specific they’ll get.

Why Do People Use Targeted Ads?

Now, why do you people use targeted ads? On the consumer side, targeted ads are an easy way to get products that you may need to be marketed to you. The more you interact with targeted ads, the better they get. Although, there are a few issues with targeted ads such as repetitiveness and sometimes the system or algorithm will advertise a product you’ve never interacted with. Besides these issues, targeted ads work, and they can work well.

The Issue With Targeted Ads

Many consumers are terrified of targeted ads because it means their information is being used to provide these ads. Some consumers do not appreciate the idea of being tracked or the invasion of privacy; however, it is essential to remember that most sites will ask for permission to store cookies. Most websites will let you use their site even if you reject their offer. YouTube, Instagram and most social media platforms all offer their users a variant of targeted ads which we’ll be calling “targeted content.”

Benefits of Targeted Ads

  1. Targeted adverts provide you with a more personalised experience on the internet. This means you’ll see more content you might like and more adverts of products that may be useful to you.
  1. Targeted adverts help advertisers reach the right customers for their business and products.
  1. When practised safely, targeted ads are beneficial for the customer and the advertiser.

Should you use Targeted Ads?

In our current times, targeted ads are necessary for businesses to survive. You need to hold on to your existing customers and get new customers. This is a thin line to tread, but it is necessary for business growth and survival. If you’re interested in learning how to use targeted ads safely and in a manner that does not scare or frighten your customers, check out this article for more help. You can find it here.

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