Marketing Success Story: Barbie Reveal Doll

I look back at my childhood and remember with a feeling of nostalgia the memories my friends and I created by playing with Barbie dolls. Look around you, you will observe that there’s been the new invention of toys the children play with, and Barbie dolls are definitely among them.

Barbie was officially recognized on March 9, 1959, at the American Toy Fair in New York City. Ever since then, there have been over one billion Barbie dolls sold in over 150 countries around the world. Because of its impact on the lives of many children and adults, every March 9, Barbie lovers around the world come together to celebrate World Barbie Day.

It still baffles me when I think about how many years Barbie has been around. These dolls have never gone away from public sight, yet they have remained unshaken and keep improving In all ramifications.

Barbie grew as the world evolved, and Mattel understands that a child from the ’90s may not have the same taste in toys as a child growing up in 2020. Self-improvement and development are a key to success in any business, and this toy company has successfully proven that to us.

Barbie is clearly harboring a secret that other toy companies should aim to emulate. The Mattel company has stood strong for over 50 years. From then ’til now, there’s been a production of over 33 varieties of Barbies all possessing different bodily features and acting out different characters. Now there’s another new Barbie doll to introduce – Barbie Color Reveal!

What is a Barbie Color Reveal Doll?

Barbie has released a new set of wonder toys called Barbie Color Reveal Dolls.

From the look of things, this set of new toys will pass for one of the best creations from Barbie. Promising to make your playtime experience worth it, this Barbie helps you unbox seven doses of beauties in their varieties.

And do you know the next thing? You don’t get to know exactly what the dolls look like unless you reveal them one after the other by dipping them in water.

The mystery is part of the genius marketing measures. It’s simple, if you want to know the exact look of each doll, then you need to get your own and explore! The packaging is also an absolute wow.

When you reveal the doll, you will notice that none of the dolls have the same color as another. Ranging from the different color of eyes to the way the hair was crafted, to their skin tone, their bags, wig, clothes, shoes, and whatnot. Every single thing is different, and I can’t help but give it up for Barbie.

Barbie is an inspiration to many, and marketing lessons should be taken from these amazing dolls that have stood the test of time.

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