Marketing Study: Best Protein Bar Advertisement

The purpose of advertising a product is to attract potential buyers. While it is true that sometimes you have to take risks, getting it wrong once can have a domino effect that may make or unravel your business. For advertisements, the product is the lead actor, and for this production, the actor is protein bars and the aim is to achieve the best advertisement.

5 Tips to Create a Successful Protein Bar Advertisement

Focus on Your Target Market

Running ads doesn’t have to be everywhere to be effective; be more specific as to who you would want holding that protein bar in their hands and pitch it to them. The best protein bar advertisements are those featuring healthy athletes or regular people who take their health and appearance seriously. For the Anatomy protein bar advertisement, it is obvious from the featured actors that the target market is those seeking to establish a healthy lifestyle.

Ad genius Steuart Henderson Britt says, “doing business without proper advertising is like smiling at a girl in the dark. You may know what you’re doing, but no one else does.” You may also want to add that winking at the wrong girl will also not give you the desired result.

For a simple, straightforward advertising campaign, look to Designs for Health’s Chocolate Mint Fiber Bar. It focuses on natural ingredients and a unique flavor combination.

Why Try a Protein Bar

Anyone seeking to eat a protein bar majorly does that with the health benefits rather than its edibility in mind. Protein bars have a lot of benefits which include nourishment before and after a workout, curbs the appetite which helps with weight loss, and is a compact snack to carry around. Basically, it is a snack that is packed with various nutritious values. In a world where what we consume has become such a big deal, you may want to leverage on that.

Appeal to the Senses

A good advert creates an unforgettable effect on the minds of the audience. The Pure protein bar advertisement employed all the elements of a good picture. From the background sound, the spots and well-toned bodies of the models who looked happy snacking on the protein bar. Woo your audience so much so that when they walk past the snack bar shelf at the grocery store they find you familiar and appealing enough to want to add your product to their shopping cart.

Focus on the Product

A great advertisement shifts the focus from itself to the product. The advert for a protein bar should not be so overwhelming that the product is relegated to the shadows and the target audience can’t even remember what your great and preppy advertisement was even trying to sell.

Emphasize Special Ingredients

From gluten-free protein bars to those that come in various flavors, there is a long list of options to choose from, so what makes your own standout? The best protein bar advertisements usually focus on a key ingredient that makes them special and desirable. The ingredients should be splashed on the screen more times than is normal until it is etched in the minds of the audience.

As much as protein bars are highly beneficial, they are way too many competitors out there to not take advertising your product seriously. So be creative! Good luck!

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