Marketing Story: Black Friday 2019’s Lizzo Commercial Walmart Song

When you are marketing, your major aim should be to let your customers or clients on some of the reasons why they shouldn’t miss buying into your idea or product. You are there to promote, persuade, and compel your audience to take action. 

The success or failure of every marketing piece solely depends on its ability to engage or bore its audience. I’ve had the opportunity to see and hear a great number of marketing ads on the TV, radio, social media, and in newspapers, and out of these marketing channels, only a few of them tries to engage me in their ads.

So, it had me wonder, what exactly is wrong? Why are some people smoothly excelling in the advertising industries but others can’t? Have you thought about it?  If you are a marketer, it’s important that you study your audience carefully before putting anything out.

I, however, stopped taking note of some of the errors some marketers make, I allowed myself to take life as it comes because anything is very possible. 

Where the Lizzo Commercial Succeeds

Sometime last year, I stumbled on a TV commercial of Walmart showcasing their Black Friday deals. Now, it wasn’t the people or the actions that caught my attention. It was the song! The advertising creative team featured a single by the popular black American singer Lizzo, who was named TIME’s Entertainer of the Year in 2019.

I wasn’t really a fan of the song until that day. I mean these guys understood the power of engaging marketing content and their best to apply it, and they did a really good job. Everything about that commercial is an ace! 

First, it wasn’t a boring commercial at all. The thing about some marketers is their inability to put themselves in the shoes of the viewer. So they end up producing basic ads instead of something outstanding. The Walmart store attendants on the ad were superbly choreographed. They danced and matched on the same angle. Also, their smiles were to die for. Every single thing is a highlight! 

Secondly, the ad featuring a song by a known artist isn’t a mere coincidence. This marketing team understands that if you can put out something the audience can easily flow with, it means you’ve held them by their collars and will definitely keep them glued to the screen. Seeing a commercial that has a song in it that’s on the lips of virtually everyone is not easily found, and that act must be highly commended.

Lizzo’s song talks about self-love, self-care, and self-inspiration. The creative team could be using that as a subtle means to tell the audience that shopping for Black Friday to give themselves the love they so much deserve. So they are going to be making the best choice for themselves if they decide to be part of these Walmart Black Friday deals.

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