Marketing Stories: Which Scientist Invented the Rolling Office Chair?

There are a lot of things that we use in this world, and we have wondered who invented them. The office chair is one of them. There is a great chance that when you sit in an office chair, you may have wondered which scientist invented the rolling office chair?

Before we talk about which scientist invented the rolling office chair, let us look at what it is.

The rolling office chair, revolving chair, swivel chair or skinny chair is one that comes with a middle leg that is capable of moving at 360 degrees in any direction that you want.

Thomas Warren designed the Centripetal Spring Armchair, a cast iron and velvet design created for the American Chair Company, in 1849. It was largely used by railroad executives.

Types of Rolling Office Chairs

There are different types of rolling office chairs as follows.

Swivel Chair

Every swivel chair comes with wheels on the bottom of the chair that permits users to easily mice about in their office. The users do not have to get up before they can move around. This kind is seen in offices today and has been christened as the office chair. They usually come with a gas lift that allows the user to alter the height of the seat. They are not as big as recliners, which are swiveling armchairs.

Draughtsman’s Chair

If you have an office rolling chair that doesn’t come with wheels, it is called a draughtsman’s chair. This type of chair is normally taller when compared to the office chair. If you have decided to go in front of the drawing board, you should consider using this type of chair. It also comes with a foot-ring to ensure that your legs are supported if your legs can’t reach the floor. 

Windsor Chair

There is a great chance that you may have heard about the English-style Windsor chair. The top and bottom parts link together with a middle iron spindle. This allows the seat part, which is the top half, to move easily on the caster. When the office rolling chairs were created, they didn’t have wheels.

Which is your favorite rolling office chair?

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