How to Get Marketing Experience

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As they say, the best way to get started is to get started. When it comes to getting experience, you need experience to get experience. There are a number of things you would do that would, in a way, be getting marketing experience. This is because to get marketing experience; you need to get marketing jobs. What most people do not know is that there are things you could do without a job that would be marketing experience. 

In this article, we are going to explore certain ways of getting marketing experience

Ways to Get Marketing Experience 

Below are a number of ways to get marketing experience, the ways we’re going to explore should be a good guide to anybody serious about getting marketing experience. These ways include:

  • Invest in Your Writing Skills: When we say invest in your writing skills, we do not mean investing just money; there are a number of ways you could invest in your writing skills. You could keep a journal, and you could enter writing competitions, you could practice writing stories and scripts, you could take courses in writing. However you choose to go about this, just know that it is an essential part of getting marketing experience. Marketing deals with a lot of content creation, and most of the contents of ads have words. They are written. Investing in your writing skills and developing this skill is a tremendous part of getting marketing experience. Most employers want marketers with years of experience in writing; if you have this experience, even from personal writing, you will be much better positioned to landing a job as a marketer. Being a good writer also gives you the confidence To present yourself anywhere for marketing jobs.
  • Learn and follow Experts: this Is a great way to get marketing experience, like for many professions and fields; following on learning from experts is a great way to get proper footing and understanding of the rudiments, principles, and ways of said field. When you follow and learn from experts, you set yourself to get years’ worth of experience in short spans of time. Read books by experts in marketing, follow their training, follow them on social media platforms to be updated on what they are doing. There is no one way of doing this; just make sure you tap from an established source. This would make you a sort of novice with expert knowledge and leanings, and it would make up for a lack of years of experience. 

Practice Making Content: As already stated, the best way to get experience is to get experience. Whether you have a marketing job or not, you should practice your skills, try making content, assume that you are the marketer of Coca-Cola, create content for them, prepare ad campaigns. By doing this, you get to practice and develop vital skills that would serve as experience and help you stand out in the industry. It further helps you build your portfolio that you could attach to your resume. 


No matter what, if you want to get marketing experience, you have to do something, we have suggested some things that would help you, but this list is not exhaustive, so do more research and find what works for you.

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