How the Netflix TV Show The Queen’s Gambit Improved Chess Board Sales

The Queen’s gambit sent a lot of chess set sales higher up the ladder. 

This show is about a prodigy of chess who got reignited using the game and their fueled demand for timers, accessories, and sets. 

Anna Taylor played Beth Harmon. One of the officials from eBay stated that the company recorded a two hundred and fifteen percent increase in the rate at which chess sets got sold. These accessory sales throughout the period they got debuted in October.

Keta Poela started watching this show, and she used it to serve as a break from studying for her exams when she was in University. 

She stated that she has always respected chess. Ms. Keta, who was about twenty-one years, said she just thought she was not smart enough. It had enough patience for it. 

As in, it was not till she saw Beth Harmon. She served as one of the main characters in this Netflix show. This show settled down and showed how a woman used all her powers to survive in a male-dominated chess world. 

She was a character that has the attitude that she could do whatever she wanted and whenever she wanted to. The entire board presented this to her using the induced drug haze, her ego, her mastery, which made her add this to her own set from her shopping cart. This also got her playing as a prominent member of the game. 

When the chess that she order came in, her young sister, who was also a part of the chess club, looked at her school, and she helped her in the positioning of the pieces. Ms. Keta stated that she had planned to go deeper into the game. Immediately she finished exams, that is. 

The entire series known as the Queen’s gambit talks about Beth. She’s a prodigy at chess, but she has been trying to live her life as happily as she could as she struggled with addiction too. 

How it Increased Chess set Sales 

As a result of the pandemic, many people settled down, stayed at home, and watched a lot of series. I know I did too. Sadly I wasn’t able to catch up to the Queen’s gambit. I might watch it at some time in the future, but I highly doubt that. Nevertheless, people that cared for and enjoyed the Queen’s gambit later started buying chess sets so they too would master the art of playing chess and all the techniques involved. It would have been great to know how to play chess. The thing is, not everyone is a fan of chess. Like me, I enjoy action games and stuff. For mature people or young ones that love chess or were inspired to play chess from the Queen’s gambit, I’m sure they should be masters now in the art of playing chess and winning with chess. 

It is fantastic to enjoy chess just from watching it from a TV series. Those that did that, kudos to you all.

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