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Marketing can be defined as the actions that a company performs to get more consumers to purchase the company products or services that the company renders through passing powerful messages to the consumers. Marketing objectives are to give unique features that the company has that other companies tend not to have through content, with a long-term plan showing the uniqueness of the company’s products or services making consumers loyal to the company which leads to an increase in sales.

Marketing goes through a long process of research and analysis on the consumers for a long time finding out their likes and dislikes, they do by conducting surveys, looking at the shopping habits of their consumers online, asking the when, where, how questions that are related to their business.

But why marketing? What is its purpose? Marketing plays a big role in finding how to get promising and loyal consumers and make sure that they have an interest in your company’s services or products. Marketing checks through everything concerning the business which includes distribution methods, sales, advertising, and product development. 

They are different kinds of marketing, but it depends on the type of consumer you are aiming at and what they spend their time on. The type of marketing research you want to do and the type of tools that you want to use all of the types of marketing works, you just have to find the best marketing strategy that fits you. The kinds of marketing are: 

1. Marketing through the internet: this is a type of marketing that takes place online, it was an inspiration for a campaign called Excedrin product. It is mostly used by someone who is normally using the internet.

2. Blog marketing: blogs also help in marketing, not only personalized blogs but also brands blogs. The branded blogs write things and interesting features about their products. So that future customers can get information on the company products.

3. Social media marketing: companies on using social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media platforms to make an impression for their audience. 

4. Marketing through printing: printing platforms like magazines, newspapers, and flyers are easier to understand and can easily get business deals because of those who subscribe to those magazines and newspapers. 

5. Marketing through videos: this is what is called commercials, where marketers invest in videos that are entertaining and can capture the attention of their audience. 

The Ps of marketing. 

Within the era of the 1960s, a man called E Jerome McCarthy brought up the Ps of marketing which includes:

1. Products: this is after you have gotten the product you want to sell you then start thinking of how to sell your product? Who is your target audience? What kind of marketing fits your products? What is the message you want to pass about your products?

2. Price: after asking those questions about the product, you then look at your price and the price of your competitors, and how much your customers will pay.

3. Place: this is the location of where you are selling your products, are there a lot of consumers there willing to buy your products.

4. Promotions: these are promos that will attract the attention of customers.

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