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Gillette’s ad was released to represent the #MeToo moment. The ad was called “We Believe” which was meant to bring awareness to the issue of bullying and sexual harassment and assault that is done by men, they did this by portraying the form of toxic masculinity and the way it affects the others around them. The ad showed different ways in which the act of masculinity comes into play in relationships, homes, places of work, and the media with the way that it is treated as a normal thing in society. This leaves a question to the males to self-examine themselves on their behavior and attitudes.

The ad was only showed online as it wasn’t broadcasted on TV because it wasn’t planned. It became one of the most unlike videos on YouTube after two weeks of posting the ad got more than 27 million views with the number of dislikes reaching over 1.3 million and 740000 amount of likes. As in the past of using their ads in partaking in the destroying gender stereotypes, Gillette is giving a chance for males to change their behavior and way of thinking to a different and positive way. But sadly the reaction of the males was different as they were angry with such a message from Gillette.

Gillette was aware that putting ads have a way of putting an influencing the idea of others and is a good means of communication with other people. But the main purpose for the increase of sales and ensure the growth of the brand gets bigger and that the brand becomes easily recognized and not for the changing of man’s heart.

This ad was out of the ordinary ads in which we see every day because of the content, this product is mainly for men but the ad has driven away from their main target for their products and this can be a major issue to Gillette not to mention them trying to renew their old brand. And this will lead to a low range of sales.

The new campaign of Gillette is called “The Best Men Can Be” which is an update from the last one from 30 years ago called “The Best a Man Can Get.” And they vowed to donate 1 million dollars each year for 3 years to create a non-profit organization to teach and aid men to bring them to their personal best.

A good brand will try and communicate with the consumer and get them to remember how good it is to use their products, to do that they will have to bring memories that remind them of how that product means a lot to them. Nike is one of those brands that succeeded in doing that, like in 2018 Colin Kaepernick ad which speaks about racial discrimination and sports, but the Gillette ad interfered into the world of a man daily shaving habits and that is not the inspiration that people are looking for in an ad.

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