Funny TV Ads: What We Love About the Snickers: Hungry Betty White Ad (2010)

You can rarely accuse Snickers of a bad taste. The commercials from the campaign were all 30 seconds. One of the most memorable ads by Snickers was the Snickers: Hungry Betty White ad in 2010.

In the year 2009, Snickers was facing some business hardships. The candy bar started losing its market share and the sales it was making in the U.S were decreasing with haste. So the individual markets started executing this brand in several ways. If Snickers remained in that same trajectory, the brand would soon forget about its position as the chocolate bar that was leading internationally.

This was the time the brand had to create an ad that would sink into the minds of their targeted customers. The challenge was to give Snickers a brand idea that would be noticed internationally and would engage the audience in the necessary way that would be positive to the Snickers brand.

Organizing Snickers – The Big Idea

Snickers’ parent company Mars teamed up with an advertising company, BBDO, where they began with the basic positioning and research.

Snickers came up with ads that ended up helping the brand. One of these funny TV ads is the Snickers: Hungry Betty White ad in 2010. You can’t watch this ad without it cracking you up.

The Betty White Campaign

The Snickers: Hungry Betty White ad features a group of boys playing soccer in a field. And then one of these guys suddenly turns into Betty White, the legendary “Golden Girls” actress. She was running like she was hungry and needed to eat, because without getting something to eat, she wouldn’t kick the soccer ball properly.

She ended up getting hit by one of the players, and they began insulting one another. At the end of the argument, one of the teammates talked to Betty White, telling her when she gets hungry she starts acting crazy, so they gave her a Snickers candy bar. After eating the Snickers, she turned back into the male soccer player she was originally supposed to be. At the end of the ad, you see another player turned into a hungry old man, as stated from the previous change in characters when the player gets hungry and turns into a cranky senior.

After Snickers got armed with this big idea for their ads, Snickers and BBDO continued this campaign in 2010. After airing this famous Super Bowl ad, Snickers finally boosted their brand.

This ad ended up topping the USA Today’s Super Bowl ad meter. Since 2010, this campaign has continued to expand to more than 80 countries, and its viewers keep laughing at the clever ad spot.

I wonder if Garden of Life could do a similar ad for their Raw Organics Super Omega-3 Chia Seed bar?

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