Funniest Holiday-Themed Ads from Around the World

Advertisements have gone from the regular suit and tie, smoldering voice, and storyline affair. These days, what we see in ads are wordplay, catchy rhymes, and other small stuff that can get you thinking in the oddest way possible. The holidays will come again soon, and there are already ads that offer healthy humor that we have looked out for.

In this article, I’m going to show you a list of some of the funniest, wittiest, and rib-cracking holiday-themed ads from around the world. Hang on to your ribs. Some of them are going to crack you up real good.

1. Peace on earth, or at least at the mall by Coca-Cola Canada

Whoever is in charge of Coca-Cola Canada’s advertising has to be one of the wittiest advertising men ever. This ad is followed by a video showing two people fighting over one jacket at a mall. They end up sharing Coca-Cola at the end of the video. This ad sneers the whole tension in the world right now and the fact that most people, preparing for the holidays, might carry some of that tension and inflict it on others. Coca-Cola Canada wants us to just have some peace.

2. 100 grand

Sometime in 1967, a famous radio DJ hosted a game show and stated that the winner would go home with 100 grand. Who doesn’t want that kind of cool cash? And to think that everyone believed the DJ since the radio station was one of the biggest in the country. At the end of the game, a woman came out the overall winner. She went to request her 100 grand, and it turns out 100 grand was just the name of a candy. Don’t guess too far. She sued the radio station for the deceit.

Years passed, and another DJ pulled the same stunt. And yet another woman won it. She also sued the radio station.

3. Visit don’t stay by Hotel Tonight

As the holidays approach, Hotel Tonight started a contest on social media, asking people to relate some of their worst/funniest holiday experiences, and the responses are hilarious. This ad centers around the idea that no matter how your home is, the family is what is more important, and you have to stay with them, not in a hotel. So the hotel only allows you to visit during the holiday.

4. Doing laundry before Christmas

A detergent company put out a picture ad, showing Santa in his faded outfit. Apparently, they’re trying to say that bad detergents kill the resplendence of your clothes. It takes the color out of it. They captioned the photograph, “Try and be good, and last with colors.” It’s a brilliant idea. However, some people opine that it was exaggerated, and no soap would kill your clothes up to that level.

These are just a few of the funniest holiday-themed ads. This year has indeed bred lots and lots of comedians in the advertising world.

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