From Homemade Candles to International Success Story: Yankee Candle

Welcome to the Yankee Candle story, which can be your success story too. A lot of things happened before our story became a success. But this article would simply be mentioning some of the important parts of this success story.

The Yankee Candle Success Story

In 1969 on Christmas, Mike Kittredge was about 16 years and did not have enough money to buy his mother a present. So he got some crayons and melted them to make her a beautiful candle. One of their neighbors saw it and made Mike sell it to her. From the cash he got, he got enough candle wax to make two candles, one for his mom and one to sell. This was how the Yankee Candle Company was born.

He got help from his dad and he opened a small retail shop. These shops grew to about 100 retail stores and eventually it grew to over 35,000 authorized retailers around the world.

·       1973: The company had 12 employees and was known as Yankee Candle when they moved into an old paper mill in Holyoke, Massachusetts, where they got their first mail order catalog.

·       1974: This was when they got their first scented apothecary jars for the candles. The first ones that were loved were the Cinnamon, Cranberry, Bayberry, and French Vanilla fragrances.

·       1977:  Yankee Candle was the huge story in the Boston Gift Show. Most retailers noticed and got wholesale packages for their shops.

·       1981: This was when they sent out their first mail orders. Presently they sent out more than six million catalogs and each featured scratch and sniff fragrances.

·       1983: This was when they lived in the store at South Deerfield, Mass. Here they had the busy crossroads for a lot of the auto traffic around Vermont and New York. The company had sales that reached over $1 million.

·       1984: The flagship stores added unique eateries and specialty shops like when the Honeydew Melon candle debuted.

·       1986: This was when full color was printed on the label. Before then, each illustration was done using colored pencils using hands manually.

·       1990: This was when they got the Housewarmer Jar Candles, which were made for all occasions and every room.

·       1991: This was when the annual Yankee Candle tradition started. Santa made his chopper arrival at the flagship store in South Deerfield.

·       1996: This was when the first Yankee Candle website was launched. It welcomed the new generation of consumers and gave longtime fans a way to shop. The sales yearly passed $100 million.

·       2000s: Yankee Candle got Girl Scout cookies, and presently they produce over a million candles annually.

This is the Yankee Candle international success story. It is a success story every small business can get motivated by.If you want to begin making your own candles, start with Organic Beeswax Pearls by Plant Therapy.

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