Creative Food-Related Marketing Campaigns

Hey there. Today I’ll be talking about some fantastic food-related marketing campaigns which are as creative as you can expect. This piece is for people who are into the food business and would like to get inspired by ways they could market their products to get leads and sales. Are you ready? Let’s begun. 

List of Creative Food Related Marketing Campaigns     

Ben and Jerry 

These are great samples of a food brand that takes a stand and increases its loyalty, popularity and visibility. The activities done by this brand might not work for every F&B brand. This brand’s creative food marketing campaign showcases all of your values, your contribution to the community, your charity work on every and any scale. These are all positive things. There are food brands that team up with charities and end up donating some part of their profit. These also help in feeding people that do not have homes to live in. These marketing strategies are great because they never run out of customers. They also join and become activists with several other brands. These also tell the stories behind the meals you’re eating. It also talks about the methods of production and sourcing. Things like what makes it unique, who made it to where it was made and all.


Do you know that nothing sells better in the food and business industry like photos or posts on various social media platforms? They sell with many images that get two points three times higher engagement than those without photos. McDonald’s has invested in very high-quality photos, and they make use of them on their social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. 


Being founded by Colonel Harland Sanders, an entrepreneur who started selling fried chicken from his restaurant at Kentucky, Corbin, around the time of the great depression. The first franchise of the KFC was opened in the year 1952 in Utah. You would be surprised if this vintage food brand managed to continue growing and developing in the presence of highly fierce competition. Their secret is that all through everything, they remained relevant, wanted and desired by all their customers. 

Other Creative Marketing Campaigns 

Not all food and business campaigns which are marketed are successful. Take a look at IHOP that aired on mother’s day, for instance. This pancake house gathered a lot of negative social media attention through Instagram posts and Twitter. These shared an image of a sonogram with pancakes inside the womb. The caption read that if you have a pancake in your belly, make you a mum to pancake. It was supposed to be funny, but it wasn’t. 

As a food marketer, the thing you need to know is to think correctly before you start a campaign. Think about the sentiment of your potential customers and all of their mainstream news. If you are in doubt, you should keep all of your posts clear of controversial issues. 

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