Controversy Over Kraft Heinz Mac & Cheese Ads

bowlful of elbow salad

Over a couple of months, there has been a viral advertisement by Kraft Heinz for their Mac and Cheese products telling people to “Send Noodz”, this has caught the attention of the United State consumer advocacy group thereby filing a complaint against the giant for the food and beverage Kraft Heinz. The complaint was also stated that the company has disparaged other healthy foods such as Tofu, Broccoli, and salmon in other advertisements. Later on, the Center for Science in the public interest also filed a complaint to a self-regulatory advertisement agency, stating that the company violated some established guidelines.

The Children Advertising Review Unit (CARU) guideline had clearly stated that every advertisement should “ encourage the product use and should work towards the development of a child”, the guidelines also goes further by saying that “ advertisements should not disparage any healthy lifestyle of a vegetable”, among all these guidelines clearly stated, it is obvious that the company has violated both of them. The food and beverage giant said that the ads were not targeted towards children but the parents, and never had the intention to air the ad beyond 2021.

Amongst other complaints were on of Kraft Heinz ad campaign in 2019 which showed a child running away from a vegetable, then later pacified with a bowl of Mac and Cheese, with an ending tagline “for a win-win”, this clearly shows that they violate the CARU guideline. According to CSPI, this ad was reportedly shown on various kids shows such as Nickelodeon, Disney XD and Cartoon Network. It was later found out that one of their French fries ad called Ore-Ida French fries Allegedly violated a rule, the ad encouraged parents to bribe their children to eat more French fries in other for them to stay healthy

The criticism of different media outlets has made the food and beverage giant speak out to the public, explaining that it wasn’t their intention to pass out the wrong message, Kraft Heinz promises to be taken down any form of ad relating to the “send noods” Mac and Cheese. The idea of branding a product sexist to “play with words” is considered to be irresponsible, because when you think about it the company ad post made it comfortable for anyone including kids that it was very ok for them to “send noods”.

From parents and other people that are concerned point of view, the idea of hearing their kids or some random kids yelling “who wants me to send “noods” to them?” would make everyone puzzled. Based on the alarming result seen by Kraft Heinz, they later promised to take down the ad, also saying that the campaign was never supposed to run through Oct 11. One thing would remain constant and it would be that many advertising industries out there would begin to be careful of the contents they pass out to people, most especially kids Because one mistake can drag the company’s name in the dirt.

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