Changes to Google Ads Cryptocurrency Policies

Ah yes, cryptocurrency, we are here again. If you had crypto, how did you manage during the dip? I’m sure that was painful. Who knows, maybe that’s part of the reasons Google deduced and decided to change their cryptocurrency policies on ads left on the website. That’s what we would be talking about today. 

What is up with Google and the new policy change? 

Well, Google has made it public about updating its services and products policy. This includes the already present policy on advertising cryptocurrency. These brand new rules would be in effect in August, and every cryptocurrency certifications exchanged would be revoked immediately. Advertisers need to request a brand new cryptocurrency exchange and get their wallets certification through Google. 

Google Introduces Brand New Crypto Adverts Rules 

Google has posted a Wednesday notice which regarded the brand new ad policy on cryptocurrency. The policy stated it would apply all across the world on every account which advertised these products financially. 

This notice explained that Tech Giant Google updated the services and products policy in August. This was to clarify the requirements and scope that allowed the advert of services and businesses associated with cryptocurrency. From the 3rd of August, all crypto advertisers that offer wallets and crypto exchanges that target them to the United States could only advertise their services and products if they meet the requirements certified and stated by Google. 

Google continued by explaining the way these advertisers could get certified. At first, they need to be registered with the FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. They need to be a business that dealt with money services, and they must have a specific transmitter of money. These advertisers could be a state or federal chartered entity of a bank. 

Google noted that these advertisers need to meet up with every requirement available legally, including federal, local, and state. There need to make sure their landing pages and ads follow all the policies from Google ads. 

All cryptocurrency exchanges before the 3rd of August, 2021, would be revoked on that date. All advertisers need to ask for new wallets and crypto exchanges certified with Google when Google publishes its application form on the 8th of July 2021.

My thoughts on these Changes to Google Ads Cryptocurrency Policies   

That’s one of the reasons I am madly in love with Google. They want people to feel safe, secure and want things to occur so customers do not fall victims to scams or Ponzi. Google doesn’t want any scammy association to come and spoil the name of the tech giant. This is why it gives all crypto advertisers a warning and tells them to go and get certified hurriedly or be kicked out from Google. And the thing is, a lot of people have fallen victims to horrible Ponzi schemes like these. Thank you, Google. This is much needed. 

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