ViacomCBS Rebrands to Paramount: What Changes Lie Ahead

ViacomCBS has announced that it is rebranding itself as Paramount. The move is part of the company’s larger effort to reposition itself in the marketplace. The new name is intended to signal a renewed focus on the Paramount Pictures film studio, which is one of the most iconic names in Hollywood.

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One of the most key ways to make a project very successful is to make a framework plan that has clear aims and objectives, which is what a creative brief is all about. A creative brief serves as a blueprint that will make a project go smoothly from start to finish. It makes sure that […]

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Marketing can be defined as the actions that a company performs to get more consumers to purchase the company products or services that the company renders through passing powerful messages to the consumers. Marketing objectives are to give unique features that the company has that other companies tend not to have through content, with a […]

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What is Virtual Marketing?

Virtual Marketing is a form of online marketing which offers customer support for products or services. The goal here is to provide customers with an interactive experience. Unlike traditional marketing, customers can communicate with the business immediately. Virtual marketing is just one form of digital marketing. Digital marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses many […]

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How to Get Into Advertising if You Sell Essential Oils

Should you enter into advertising? Let’s face it, the last thing that most people have in mind is essential oils. In fact, when they see a big sign with a man in a white coat saying they have instant relief from their problems, they cross the street so fast! You may want to know how […]

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What is CTV Advertising?

What is CTV advertising, and what does it mean for your business? CTV advertising means commercial television, and the acronym stands for commercial television. The term applies to any broadcast television ad campaign. Usually national or regional, and it’s very similar to the TV ads you see on cable-TV channels such as CNBC. Here, I […]

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Advice for ‘Marketing Interns’

Like starting any other job, you start as a marketing intern to learn new things, make connections, and learn about marketing. While you’ll be assigned tasks to complete, what happens in the background may shape your skills more than any assignment. Here is our advice for marketing interns on making the most out of this […]

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