AMC Launches New TV Ads

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AMC did something unprecedented in the movie theater industry. This is what we are going to discuss in this article. 


Movie theatres usually get their traffic from movie industries and studio advertisements of certain films. This has always been the norm; movie theatres never ran ad campaigns on TV or social media to encourage people to come to the theater; that always kind of took care of itself. However, as things have changed due to technological Advancement and the COVID 19 pandemic, movie studios release more and more movies on streaming platforms, and people are more reluctant to go to movie theaters to watch movies because of the fear of COVID. This has thrown movie theatres into uncharted territories. Prior to this, reality movie theatres never saw the need to advertise the theatres for people to come and watch movies.

The move by AMC is a welcomed one; it has started advertising on TV and social media. This ad campaign by AMC is targeted at bringing people back to the theaters by reminding them of the great feeling of going to see movies on the silver screen. 

AMC took on this task and is willing to spend about twenty-five million dollars on it. Nicole Kidman was signed on as the ambassador of this campaign, and the campaign is titled “AMC Theatres: We Make Movies Better.” It has been stated by AMC that they will roll out the ads on social media and on network television. 

This is a bold move, coming on the heels of the lockdown due to the COVID pandemic. Through this, AMC was able to thrive and raise about 1.8 billion dollars. The stock price of AMC has also increased by over two thousand two hundred percent since last year. 

 Using Nicole Kidman as the face of the campaign is a great idea; she is an Oscar winner with decades of acting experience and millions of fans; she also appeals to a key demographic of moviegoers. 

This ad campaign is part of a larger expansion move by AMC; apart from this ad campaign, AMC has rented new theatres, it has integrated new ways of effecting payments on its platform, and it has plans to increase the variety of shows and movies that are shown in its theatres, AMC theatres are going to start showing prerecorded concerts and sports events.

The CEO of AMC, Adam Aron, stated that it is time to stop relying on the old formula that movie studios were responsible for advertising and getting moviegoers to the cinema. Movie studios are now very invested in streaming platforms; sometimes, they bypass movie theatres and debut their films on streaming platforms. He seeks to place AMC ahead of the curve in this uncharted waters that the COVID pandemic has pushed the movie theatre industry into. 


This move by AMC is a welcomed development; it is targeted at making AMC stay at its top position as the largest movie theatre chain in America. Moves like this are what make companies last for generations. If a company is not willing to adapt and stay ahead of the curve, it can easily be overtaken and forgotten.

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